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Product Information
Name: MPEG-2 HD/MPEG 4 DVB-T coax encoder modulator
Supply Ability: 1200
Minimum Order: 1
Brand Name: DEXIN
Origin: China
Model No: NDS3542
Post Date: 2014-08-28 13:20:03
Expiry Date: 2014-11-26 13:20:03
Price: 5000
Currency: USD
Payment Terms: TT
Unit: set
Product Description
MPEG-2 HD/MPEG 4 DVB-T coax encoder modulator:

Product Overview NDS3542 is DEXIN’s newly developed Encoder & Modulator which integrates MPEG2 HD/MPEG4 HD video encoding and DVB-T (DVB-C/ISDB-T/ATSC Optional) modulation to convert HD A/V signals to DVB-T RF out in the frequency range of 30~960MHz. It has equipped with 2 channels of HDMI input, 1 ASI input, and output with 2 ASI ports, 1 UDP IP port, and 1 RF port with dual DVB-T carriers. The signals source could be from satellite receivers, closed-circuit television cameras, Blue-ray players, and antenna etc. Its output signal is to be received by DVB-T standard TV sets, DVB-T STBs and etc. The device can be wildly used in public places such as metro, market hall, theatre, hotel, resort, etc for advertising. It also can be used for monitoring, training and educating in company, schools, campuses, hospital… besides that it’s a good choice for bars to offer HD sports channels, for VIP entertainment channels, and more. Key Features 鈻燯p to 1920*1080@50I/60I supported 鈻燤PEG2 HD/MPEG4 HD video encoding 鈻2* HDMI in (2 for backup), 1*ASI in 鈻2*RF DVB-T out (2 carriers combined output), double output bandwidth 鈻燬imultaneously encoding each channel more than 18Mbps 鈻燣CN support (Logical Channel Number) 鈻燛xcellent modulation quality MER≥42dB 鈻燫F Frequency range 30Mhz~960Mhz 鈻燣CD display, Remote control and firmware 鈻燯pdates via web/Ethernet 鈻燣owest cost per channel --- breakthrough price

Those content above is detail information of [MPEG-2 HD/MPEG 4 DVB-T coax encoder modulator], If you want to get more information about product price,type,function and so on, Please contact us soon.
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